Tales From a Bag or Stories and Stitches

Fashion has always had a story behind it. A tale that has lead to the creation of an item that has changed the way the world functions. From the denim revolution of the late 19th century or the advent of leather bags for women in the 1850s, every great turn in fashion has had a lasting effect on all future generations.

The one difference that sets the advancements in the field of fashion apart from any other field is that they were all driven by necessity and not the pursuit of knowledge. That is why every corner of the globe has made some or the other contribution to the changing face of fashion. Every civilisation has made valuable additions to this field and no other item has been more influenced than handbags. From complete utilitarian ones to ones that radiate elegance, every leather handbag has been the combined result of a great many generations. A simple glance at the handbag history is enough to elucidate this fact:

  1. Satchels: Also known as a messenger bag or rider bag. A small bag with a long sling worn sideways, heavily used by horse riders and cross country travelers. Commonly used by both genders during the middle ages.
  2. Kiondo : A handwoven bag made from the twines of sisal tree. Highly utilitarian and indigenous to the tribes of Kenya. Introduced recently to the western markets.
  3. Jute Bags : Very popular in India and the sub-continental area. Made from the threads spun from the coarse fibers of the jute plant. Famous for their durability and eco-friendly nature.
  4. Doctor Bags: Made famous in 19th century America. As the name suggests used mostly by doctors but later on garnered attention of the women due to their immense spacious interiors.

The list goes on and on and on…… .Time and again the needs of people have generated masterpieces out of some simple sheets of treated leather. The story of leather handbags for women is steeped in history and has a great many tales to tell. Every stitch holds in it infinite memories and countless dreams. We here, at the Antidote Store, just try to present that story to you and we try to make sure that when you take one of them home, that you have story of your own.

All vast stores of knowledge take time to grasp and this spread of women handbags is no different. Just like a trusted mentor, the Antidote store will be with you to answer any queries and to quell your doubts because this journey has only just begun.

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