Inspiration and the Folds of Leather

The one major thread that is common between Tendulkar,  Steve Job, Zuckerberg  and  every other world renowned personality is ‘Inspiration’. It has always been the spark of that divine inspiration in a person that has enabled him to touch new heights of success and made it possible for him to turn all his dreams into reality.

Every story that begins with meagre seeds has always required hard work and perseverance but every time in every story there has been a spark of inspiration that has been the driving force behind that world changing idea. Excellence has always been a habit of those who keep trying but inspiration is like a lightning bolt, it is never foreseen and it never hits the same way twice.

There are no limits to heights one can achieve if they are inspired. A man inspired with the notes of a  piano became the most celebrated composer in the world and another who simply wanted to play good cricket became a god. Greatness almost always has a precondition of hard work, passion and inspiration.

Even great corporate castles and fashion houses had humble beginnings and have reached the heights of success by their sheer force of will. Another name is being added to this list, the Antidote Store. Driven by the inspired ideas of a typical fashionista cum entrepreneur Tripti Singh, this one-of-a-kind leather store is looking to make a name for itself armed with simply it’s commitment to customer individuality. Every customer is a notch different from other and their fashion needs to be tailored accordingly.

The folks  at Antidote store consciously decided to do one great thing rather than going for multiple mediocre things at once. This school of thought is now paying dividends for them and the Antidote Store is slowly but surely climbing up the ladder of public conscience. With their focus set on handcrafted leather goods ,they have cleverly side stepped monotony and boredom which is what most fashion startups fall prey to at this stage.

What the future holds for Antidote store is yet to be carved into stone, what can definitely be said is that they are redefining the fashion trends of the everyday shopper and with the needle-sharp focus on the customer needs, they are only set to grow bigger.

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