Life is beautiful but it does turn rough at times. We all have something unique which pushes us further and keeps us motivated in our bad days. And for us that “Antidote” is crafting products that are not merely things to possess but they embody a meaning in them that we can see, touch and feel. We promise to infuse happiness in this world with our imagination and creativity. That is why, we have put all our effort and dedication into crafting beautiful things for you.

Antidote is the brainchild of Tripti singh, a knitwear designer from NIFT, Delhi who fused her love for hand-knitting and leather crafts into creating unique hand-crafted leather bags.

Antidote products are made with exquisite care and endless love. We use only genuine leather sustainably processed with the finest craftsmanship. Each handcrafted item from Antidote is an essay in simplicity and yet it is unique in its style and sophistication. Antidote believes in creating unique designs which stand against the mass market culture. So every product that you buy from Antidote would be unlike any other you have seen before. They will be nonpareil in elegance, sophistication and panache. Our entire design philosophy is based on our love for handmade and we take pride in creating each one of them.