Don’t Get Cheated ..Know Your Leather Better

Purity is never a precondition for love, be it between two people or between a woman and her accessories. Yet when it comes to leather products, it becomes a necessity because nothing affects the image of a woman more than the genuiness of her wardrobe. The relationship, between a woman and her wardrobe, is sanctimonious and one that is hit everytime a fake product manages to sneak in that inner circle.

Fake leather or Faux leather is a fabric intended to give a leather-like finish to substitute for actual leather. As with all things artifical, faux leather also loses in all fields. It has negligible durability and the surface cracks easily. Additionally it has limited lifetime, it looks plasticky and quite frankly, reflects poorly on both the customer and the seller.

There are always some stores that have their ethical compasses pointing North and they inform their customers of the fabric quality but then again, such examples are too far and too few. But worry not because your resident experts on leather goods, the Antidote Store is here to provide you with a few tricks of the trade. So here’s what you can do

  • The most obvious indicator of real leather is it’s price. Genuine leather products will cost you a bit more but they’ll be worth your money. If any seller, whether online or face-to-face,gives you an offer that seems too good to be true then it probably isn’t.
  • Always check out the edges of the product. A pure leather product has a bit of rough edges whereas a faux leather one (since it is made out of fabric) will have almost perfect edges which might even feel unrealistic.
  • The most easily recognizable trait of real leather is it’s smell. Any product made of genuine leather will have a distinct and almost strong smell whereas fake leather would have no such differentiating smell.
  • If you have a keen eye, then check out the pores on the surface of the product. Natural leather has uneven pores on its surface whereas a synthetically manufactured leather would have an almost consistent and even patterned pores.
  • For the ladies with longer finger nails, try the fingernail test by digging into the material with your nail tip. If it’s real leather it will leave an imprint that would fade away very slowly. However if it’s fake leather, it won’t leave an imprint at all. Although useful, this is not the most definitive test as it depends on the force you put behind your nail.


If you are still not convinced over the genuineness of your new leather bag, then the best thing is to ditch everything and simply come to us. Put your trust in us and Rest assured, at the Antidote Store you will never have to worry about quality again.

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