Buckled Through Time – A Look Back at Leather Bags

Leather is probably one of the earliest items that came to be used by men. It has been stretched across time, woven through the history of the human race itself and has been its comrade throught thick and thin. The use of leather has been documented in ancient texts dating back to the Assyrian times and more recent findings have even placed leather items in Neolithic times, thus proving that even back then leather was an important commodity in everyday life.

There are numerous citings that provide a look into the tanning techniques that were employed during the older times when the modern chemicals were not available. Everything from drying in the sun to smoking were used to mold the hides into usable leather sheets. Early town planners also made sure to keep the tanneries away from the general populace owing to the smell emanating from them.

Fascinatingly, the early civilizations such as the Egyptians used leather in the form of scrolls for keeping records. It was later in the Roman times that leather came to be used as a clothing accessory in the form of dresses and shoes. Some ages later, when the empires of Middle East were at their height, leather goods gained popularity owing to their heat resistant nature. It was in these times that the earliest leather bags found their shape in the form of satchels used by couriers.

With the onset of the industrial age, the procedures of tanning have become sophisticated and complex but somehow the touch of a craftsmen is still required to give it eye-catching finish. Nothing replaces the touch of that age old experience. This is a further demonstration of the fact that leather has gone hand in hand with the history of mankind, maintaining those features of “craftsmanship” which even today with increasing automation are an essential part of the personal sensibility and solid experience of those carry it on, like the Antidote Store where we recognize that every piece of leather is actually a piece of history.

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