So you just pampered yourself with a new designer leather handbag. Congratulations, it looks great on you. It definitely is worth every penny and second you spent hounding after it. Your friends are begging you for the details, your bag is the talk of parties and ooh the never ending compliments. Life is good.

So once you’ve taken it for a ride around your social circle, subtly trying not to look smug, what are you going to do next to make sure that bag retains that top-spot in your wardrobe?. Worry not, AntidoteStore is here to help

Here are a couple of pointers to make sure your leather bag remains theapple-of-your-eye.

1: Keep your precious away from moisture

Moisture is the arch nemesis of leather. Always keep your leather bags in a dry environment. If by some mistake you do get some moisture on your bag, don’t panic.

Slowly dry the bag with air or keep it in sunlight.

2: Cuts and scratches

If you do get some scratches on your new handbag, do not despair. Once you’re finished strangling the culprit, try rubbing the scratches with your finger. The natural oils from your finger work better than a damp cloth.

3: Cleaning and shining

Keep your leather bag clean to maintain its shine. A dry cloth or strips of old newspapers are best for such a task. Do not use alcohol or turpentine for cleaning purpose, you’ll end up discoloring the surface.

Timely cleansing also increases the life of the leather and maintains the texture.Having clean hands also helps. White leather surfaces naturally yellow over time.

4: Carrying weight

Leather stretches out over time but does noteasily go back to its original shape. If you stretch a leather bag or overstuff it, when wet or very humid, it will stretch even faster. Just learn to carry the right amount, and it’ll take care of itself.

5: If the leather gets too dry:

You can sub some leather conditioner or oils into it. These are used to maintain the flexibility of the leather.

6: Avoid handling chemicals such as bleaches, nail polish removers etc. around your leather bags. They can cause surface discoloration if spilled.

7: Don’t wrap it in plastic.The surface of your designer leather handbag still needs to breathe. This also helps in preventing any mildew growth.

8: Leather smell

Although you love your new designer leather handbag, sometimes its smell can be overwhelming. The smell also proves that the product is 100% pure and natural. In order to help with the smell, leave a small sachet of lavender petals in the bag for a few days or small drops of baby oil/ olive oil will also lessen the smell.


Tripti’s Leather Revolution



By Komal Sharma. Published on January 29, 2015.

Name: Tripti Singh

College: National Institute Of Fashion Technology, Delhi

City: Lucknow

E-commerce has made lives easier, simpler and definitely better. From buying a hairbrush to paying your utility bills, a consumer can sit inside his house and do it all with a simple click. The same sector has now opened gateways for people to sell their products online, with less investment.




Tripti Singh is a designer from Lucknow, who runs – – an online store for exclusive handmade leather bags and wallets.
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Such is the love of handmade around the world, that today there are shops and platforms that cater to only those curators who pride themselves on using the handmade. More and more people have begun to realize the thoughtfulness that goes into creating something from the hand. From your mother’s home made desserts, to the finely handcrafted porcelain from Belgium, the appreciation is for the finer nuances that only the human hand can create.

What is deeply moving about hand crafting, is that it is personalized on a very deep level. When you receive a handcrafted item, you know that it is made with love and someone has put both time and effort into creating it. And that is precisely why handmade products are so much in demand once more.

Machines do the job four times faster, but when you come home, tired from a long day’s toil, would you prefer to have a steaming cup of tea that has been created by someone especially for you or a tea dispensed from an impersonal machine?

The value of what has been created for you with affection and the labor of love,  outweighs that of anything that has been mass produced in a factory or obtained from a machine. With this thought, and this ideology, we bring to you these finely crafted leather bags that are exquisite in their designs and will make  excellent gifts. The luxurious feel of the items that we create, is nonpareil. They have a unique identity, a character of their own, and they become a part of who you are.

Ditch the mass produced culture & make more personal connection with things you buy. yourself with the care and effort of the truly handcrafted, and you will feel the difference from the moment you set your eyes on it.